How to make Easy Superfood Granola

March 17, 2020

Earnest Eats Easy Superfood Granola

We all love granola here.  What may be a surprise is how easy it is to make EPIC granola at home, with simply our Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeals and some extra ingredients in your pantry. 
If you’ve been afraid to try, we’re here to make it easy.  And the taste, it’s a revelation vs. any store bought granola you may have tried.  A bonus, home-made granola can have big planks and chunks that make enjoying as a snack or with yogurt or on-the-go much easier and more amazing.
Why is our granola recipe a Superfood?  Because we’re substituting in our favorite super healthy whole food ingredients for regular ones, plus using our very own Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeal, which is chock full of nuts, fruits, seeds and superfood grains like quinoa, amaranth and oats. 



2 Critical Factors for Amazing Granola:

  • Wet to Dry Ratio. You can customize our recipe with any of our Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeal flavors, as long as you keep in mind a 6 part dry to 1 part wet ratio, with the wet being sweetener and oils.  We’ve played with different favorites but it always comes out great if you’re roughly following the ratio. 
  • Low and Slow Baking. Many recipes call for higher temperature and less time, but we’ve found the perfect amount of big clusters and crispy toasty amazingness by cooking lower, at 300 degrees, and sticking with it for about 35 minutes.

Earnest Eats Superfood Granola Recipe

  • Preheat your oven at 300 degrees in baking mode
  • Mix the dry ingredients
    • 3 cup – Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeal (any flavor)
    • 1 ½ cup – Whole or chopped cashews and almonds. You can also mix any assortment you like – like almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.
    • 1/2 cup – sesame, chia and sunflower seeds, plus a teaspoon of your favorite spices – cinnamon, cardamom and a pinch of sea salt.
    • 1 cup – dried mango and chocolate chunks or chips. The is the creative area, free to substitute for any goodies you like best.  Dried fruit that works great include cranberries, apricots and the like work great, and chocolate is really personal preference.  NOTE: we like adding fruit and chocolate in the last 5 minutes of cooking vs. in the beginning to avoid fruits getting too hard, or the chocolate melting too much.
  • Mix the wet ingredients
    • 1/2 cup – Sweetener. Here we’ve used honey, but we also like 50/50 maple syrup and honey.
    • ½ cup – Oil. We typically use olive oil but you can also combine with tahini or coconut butter for a more interesting texture.
  • Blend Wet and Dry Ingredients Together, until well mixed
  • Spread on baking cookie sheet. Pre-butter the pan to make removal easy. 
  • Bake for about 35 Minutes. Check halfway through and then again at 30 minutes to make sure cooking is progressing evenly and not too quickly, as oven temps may vary.  Some recipes recommend mixing during cookie, but we like leaving it alone, for maximum clusters and planks.  Remember in the last 5 minutes to add any dried fruits and chocolate.
  • Remove & Let Cool: Let cool for 15-20 minutes before transferring to storage containers. Again, we like not mixing or breaking up post-cooking to allow the granola to ‘fix’ and stay together.  If you like smaller pieces and clusters then definitely mix post-cooking.


How to enjoy:

  • Straight, as snacking
  • Over yogurt
  • Over ice cream
  • With milk or alternate milk