At Earnest Eats, we believe in a better bar.

We love a bar with real flavor (no more cardboard please), with a homemade texture that reminds us of mama’s Sunday baking, and of course we love a snack that is actually going to keep us full for longer than five minutes. Enter the Earnest Eats Almond Butter Baked Bar.

Crafted With Love

We crafted this bar with a whole lotta love and it’s still one of our favorite creations to this day. We bake our bars (in real ovens!) with rich and creamy almond butter to give that yummy, moist, dense texture. Hello healthy fats and lasting energy! Unlike other bars out there that use commercial oils, ours are incredibly heart-healthy thanks to our almond butter. And as always, you can count on our bars having no crap or added sugar.

Staying True To Our Craft

We’re staying true to our craft because we like it that way. Coffeehouses across the USA succeed with our foods because their customers keep coming back for more. And of course, we’re always available for 1 on 1 support. Join us and taste the Almond Butter Bar that started it all, now offered in a value pack for even more almond butter amazingness.


“I’d eat these even if they weren’t good for me”

Kevin Williams

“These are fantastic granola bars. Filling and healthy! I give them to my toddler who loves them!”

Beth Nesbit

“These are almost too good to be healthy! Tastes like a Reese Peanut Butter cup, only good for you! How can that possibly be bad?”

Janet Dykstra